Annual Report

Quality Assurance

The quality of our products and services has a direct bearing on the satisfaction of our customers worldwide. In 2010, the Quality Assurance function of the expanding Volkswagen Group again played a key role in the successful production and launch of new models and components.

Product quality

Our Group brands principally rate the quality of a product on its reliability and appeal, but also on the basis of the after-sales service provided. Our goal is to become the product quality leader in the global market.

The variety of models in the Group and the rise in the delivery volume worldwide are presenting Quality Assurance with huge challenges, among them the growing number of production facilities and market-specific model derivatives, as well as the ever-increasing range of equipment features and the multitude of innovations. All these require consistent alignment of all elements along the value chain with standardized processes and continuous optimization of these processes. This led to the initiation of the cross-divisional “Quality in Growth” program in 2009 by the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, for example. In collaboration with Sales, Quality Assurance also regularly reviews the product safety and reliability of models that are already established in the market, which allows any necessary measures for improvement to be taken right away. Originally conceived for the German core market, the “Quality in Growth” program proved so successful that it was also rolled out in other countries in 2010 with the cooperation of our importers.

The knowledge gained from this program is an integral part of the measures we are taking to drive up Volkswagen’s quality in the markets and increase customer satisfaction – one of the main objectives of the Group Strategy 2018. Our aim is to secure a pole position in terms of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty with the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand and its products by 2018 at the latest. All areas of the Company are working hard to achieve this goal. The large-scale activities are coordinated by the Quality Assurance and Sales functions and are regularly presented in the “Customer Satisfaction Forum”. The defined target of obtaining a leading position in terms of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty applies equally to all other Group brands, which are developing and implementing measures in their own programs and bodies for this purpose.

In spite of the large number of production start-ups and the growing volume of vehicles manufactured, Volkswagen’s high level of quality was reaffirmed in 2010 across all Group brands and corporate locations and the number of repairs was maintained at a consistently low level.

Service quality

Competitive advantages are not secured through product quality and appeal alone. Customers’ loyalty to a specific brand is also influenced to a considerable extent by the quality of service they receive.

After-sales and customer service in the Volkswagen Group focuses primarily on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with customers and partners worldwide. Our aim is to captivate customers with our outstanding commitment to good service combined with Volkswagen’s high quality standards. This is the reason we always consider customers’ individual wishes and needs as guidelines and aim to not just meet, but to exceed their expectations of us.

For dealers, quality means creating all the requirements for maximizing customer satisfaction as regards advising, scheduling appointments, vehicle handover, order execution, billing and after-sales services. When communicating with our partners around the world, we are careful to make adjustments so as to live up to customers’ expectations and cater to market trends, also with the goal of identifying and meeting unspoken expectations. Volkswagen is a leader in the field of state-of-the-art technologies and innovative vehicle concepts and gives its dealers full support during the launch of new models. Early on in the product development phase, Quality Assurance systematically provides guidance on product concepts so as to facilitate service-friendly, low-cost repair solutions and minimize repair times. We also took further steps in 2010 to ensure a high quality of customer and trade literature such as the owner’s manual or technical product information.

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