Annual Report

Internal Environmental Award

The internal Volkswagen Environmental Award, which honors employees who take a proactive approach to environmental protection in their particular field of work, was presented for the seventh time in 2010. This year’s top prize in the “Production” category was awarded to the Emden plant, where employees built a barrel turner that enables two barrels placed on top of each other to be turned so that their contents can be transferred. This invention conserves resources and prevents waste disposal. First prize in the “Product” category went to a team in car body development that designed underbody paneling made from recycled materials. This component reduces air resistance, noise levels and vehicle weight and is already being used in series production, for example in the new Polo. Consumption of resources is reduced through the lowering of fuel consumption by 0.05 l per 100 km and also through the use of recycled materials. In addition, two employees were recognized for their long-standing commitment in the areas of sustainable factory planning and energy management.

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