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Unlike climate change, the effects of which are already noticeable, the threat to biodiversity is slow to penetrate the public consciousness. As a globally active industrial company, Volkswagen is aware of its responsibility for the preservation of biodiversity. Three years ago, Volkswagen included nature and species conservation in its list of corporate goals – earlier than many other companies. As a founding member of the “Biodiversity in Good Company” initiative, the Company has pledged to optimize its processes to provide better protection of biological diversity. Using the slogan “Volkswagen connects habitats” we have begun to develop international biodiversity management. A large number of nature and species conservation projects around the world have been initiated by the Group’s locations. In Germany we launched the “Willkommen Wolf” (Welcome, Wolf) initiative in cooperation with the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU). This project aims to increase acceptance among the general public of wolves living in the wild and improve the animals’ image. In Mexico, under the program “Por amor al planeta” (“Out of love for the planet”) we support research into nature reserves by awarding generous prizes. Volkswagen is also planting 300,000 trees in the Izta-Popo mountain region and building soakaways and dams to halt soil erosion and obtain water. In Brazil, Volkswagen revived the Cerrado vegetation near the São Carlos plant and sponsored a large number of species conservation programs.

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