Annual Report

Environmental management in the Group

Environmentally focused management is one of the pillars of our corporate culture. Taking social, economic and ecological aspects into account in our business activities is the foundation for sustainable development, environmentally responsible action and safeguarding jobs. Our Environmental Policy is primarily based on the environmental efficiency of our products as well as on resource-friendly production. Since 2010, an effective energy management system has been helping us achieve our goal of becoming the environmental leader in the automotive industry by the year 2018.

Since 1995, our German sites have participated voluntarily in the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), making Volkswagen one of the first automakers to get involved in this program, while our Group sites worldwide have participated in environmental certification processes in accordance with the international standard EN ISO 14001. From 1996, this standard has also been applied to the environmental management system used by Volkswagen’s Technical Engineering division, which has additionally been certified in accordance with DIN ISO/TR 14062 since 2009. In the course of the recertifications, Volkswagen confirmed its role as a trailblazer. For example, we identify environmentally relevant aspects early on and integrate them into the product development process. We comply with the requirement to take environmental considerations into account at all stages of the product lifecycle.

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