Annual Report

Professional development and training

Volkswagen Coaching GmbH offers Volkswagen employees a wide spectrum of training measures consisting of personal development programs, general seminars and courses, as well as specialized training programs geared towards the specific requirements of individual departments. This enables Volkswagen to provide individualized, task-based professional development for individual employees and also facilitates the systematic training of staff in line with the goals of the Company and their own department.

During 2010, over 51,500 employees received further training in the 8,896 seminars held by Volkswagen Coaching GmbH lasting a total of 152,984 participant days. In the area of specialist skills development (e.g. factory automation, robotics and applications engineering or management), 35,078 employees were involved in 6,227 seminars covering 104,589 participant days. In the field of “crossfunctional skills development” (which includes leadership skills and personal development), 16,507 employees attended 2,669 training courses representing 48,395 participant days. To ensure that its range of training options is kept firmly up to date for the Company’s training needs, Volkswagen Coaching GmbH developed a further 283 training courses in 2010.

In professional development, a close eye was also kept on the implementation of the “Volkswagen Way” in 2010. This strategy aims to turn Volkswagen into a learning organization and to optimize structures and processes. Employees can get directly involved in process optimization at CIP workshops in the direct and indirect areas of the Group.

Training programs at international locations

After successfully implementing the “Profi room concept” at our Russian site in Kaluga in 2009, we also rolled it out in 2010 in Pune, India, where the concept is being used for assembly, body shell production and painting. In Profi rooms, employees learn all the basic skills needed for assembly work under conditions similar to production.

In early October 2010, the “Volkswagen India Academy” opened its doors in Pune. This training institution is the cornerstone of Volkswagen’s vocational training in India and is currently training over 70 apprentices as welders, painters, fitters, electricians and tool mechanics. Apprentices thus receive the best possible training to prepare them for the high level of quality and state-of-the-art production methods at the Pune facility.

The new production plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is working hard on preparing the start-up and subsequent regular production with a training program. By organizing extensive training courses, Volkswagen ensures that its employees acquire and continue to expand both basic and expert knowledge for their field of activity. In addition, the Volkswagen Academy was set up in cooperation with the State of Tennessee and boasts its own teaching buildings for factory automation, automotive production and vocational training, as well as Profi rooms for body shell production, painting and assembly. The primary focus of all training programs is on practical relevance.

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