Annual Report

Preventive healthcare and
occupational safety

2010 saw the introduction of the Volkswagen CheckUp, a free, comprehensive medical examination available to all employees. All Volkswagen AG facilities now offer this regular check-up using state-of-the-art diagnostic methods with a view to keeping their employees healthy and fit. A detailed consultation with a physician on the results of the examination plus a specific referral to internal and external preventive services is an important element of the check-up. Over 10,000 employees have already made use of this service.

We also pushed ahead with the Group-wide standardization of travel medicine in 2010. In the future, uniform Group-wide travel medicine standards will apply to business travelers as well as to employees on foreign assignments and their family members. An electronic guide will provide information for the medical staff on the specific requirements of the individual destinations.

The newly developed workstation management system is a tool that provides comprehensive information about individual workstations in a database. The system supports staff planning by allowing workstation profiles to be reconciled with the deployment options of individual employees.

In 2010, the Volkswagen Group also introduced the new Group occupational safety management system at all its locations around the world. This system is designed to improve occupational safety within the Group. Each Group company is now responsible for analyzing its existing occupational safety organization and related processes using the Group occupational safety management system. Internal Group occupational safety experts then evaluate the results and develop improved standards.

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