Annual Report

Advancement of women and
family-friendly HR policies

Volkswagen has been actively promoting gender equality and compatibility between work and family for quite some time. In 2010, women accounted for almost 30% of the trainees taken on by Volkswagen AG. Over 22% of the university graduates hired by Volkswagen AG are women. Now, almost one in five junior managers is female. One of the Company’s goals is to continue to increase the proportion of women from 14.2% in all fields, but especially in management, where currently 10.4% are female.

Since 1998, Volkswagen has offered a mentoring program aimed at increasing the proportion of women in management positions. Having been through 17 cycles with a total of over 300 participants, this is a recognized development program in the Group. The Company gives female skilled workers the opportunity to train as master craftswomen. In 2010 for the first time, Volkswagen AG approached its employees with daughters to provide them with information on commercial and technical vocational training as well as job prospects within the Company.

At Volkswagen, both work and family life are considered extremely important, which is why the Company is redoubling its efforts to create a family-friendly environment. Family-friendly HR policies are one of the keys to becoming a top employer. Meetings for employees on parental leave, initiatives for easing the transition back into the workforce after parental leave, information on childcare providers on the intranet, as well as telecommuting, flexible working hours and various part-time models make it easier to balance job and family at Volkswagen. In 2010, Volkswagen came one step nearer to becoming a family-friendly company by launching “Kaleo – Childcare SOS” at the Wolfsburg site, a service that takes care of employees’ children when unforeseen circumstances arise.

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