Annual Report

AutoUni makes the doctoral student program more appealing

The AutoUni offers university-level training courses throughout the Group in conjunction with individual departments of Volkswagen AG and cooperating universities. With its six institutes, the AutoUni ensures the transfer of academic knowledge within the Group, thereby increasing Volkswagen’s capacity for innovation. In 2010, over 11,300 participants attended the total of 180 seminars organized by the AutoUni. The AutoUni program is comprised of lectures, conferences, seminars and – since 2010 – cooperative study modules covering scientific topics such as “suspension in hybrid and electric vehicles” in detail. Each cooperative study module ends with an examination. The AutoUni also organizes seminars oriented at the general public in keeping with Volkswagen’s policy of regional involvement.

Over and above this, the AutoUni is intensively involved in the Group’s doctoral student program, in which more than 390 doctoral students were supervised in 2010 by the various companies of the Volkswagen Group in Germany. All of the doctoral students work on ambitious PhD thesis topics with relevance for the Company. Under the doctoral student program, students generally complete their theses within three years, during which time they work closely with their own department in the Group, which also appoints a supervisor within the Company for them. Completed theses can be published as part of the AutoUni’s publication series.

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