Annual Report

Quality risk

The continuing positive trend in sales and the Volkswagen Group’s strong growth in core markets such as China pose new challenges for quality assurance. Ever-growing competitive pressure means that product quality is becoming more and more important. In addition, the continuous increase in vehicle complexity and the new drive systems that are becoming established are resulting in a growing number of quality assurance tasks. It is essential to identify the associated risks at an early stage so that we can counter them effectively.

Achieving the highest product quality is key to the Volkswagen Group’s business success. Across all divisions, we therefore systematically analyze the possible risks arising from quality defects and take effective measures to minimize them. Customer expectations and practical experience are taken into account during the design and development of new vehicles and technologies. This is done in close cooperation with all divisions and with suppliers. Quality assurance acts as an interface between all the parties involved in this ongoing process.

Adopting this approach always creates an opportunity to jointly enhance and optimize established processes in all areas. By pursuing it, we will continue to ensure the quality of our products and therefore our business success in the future.

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