Annual Report

Mobility research

An efficient mobility system is vital for the development of economies. Road transport is this system’s most important mode of transport. It is characterized by flexibility, individuality, quality and almost unlimited accessibility. However, our roads are under increasing strain or already overloaded. Volkswagen mobility research seeks ways to counter these effects. For example, traffic congestion can be avoided with appropriate information about the traffic environment and by driving intelligently.

Every second to third traffic bottleneck on German motorways is caused by construction sites. Volkswagen mobility research is working on a driver assistance system with which tailbacks can be effectively avoided. This approach increases not only the security and comfort of drivers and passengers, it simultaneously reduces the risk of tailbacks forming in the first place. This requires the vehicle to be familiar with the route and traffic situation at the construction site in order to support optimum driving before and at the construction site, using a system developed especially for this purpose to monitor distance and speed. Proper braking and acceleration helps prevent gaps so that traffic flows better. Simulations have shown that road capacities can increase by 3% if only every tenth automobile behaves like this. Thus, Volkswagen mobility research contributes to reducing waiting times, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Congestion can be avoided this way by using a clever combination of currently available communication and driver assistance technologies. In addition to car-to-car communication, car-to-X communication between vehicles and infrastructure, such as traffic lights, will play an important role in the future. Volkswagen’s mobility research is focusing efforts on not only optimizing individual vehicles, but also improving road transport overall.

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