ESSAY. Space is movement.

An effective transport infrastructure is a fundamental part of a city’s makeup. Today, over half the world’s population already lives in an urban environment. The large metropolises are growing larger and new megacities are emerging. read more


Our mission – the future.

The route has been mapped out, the strategy finalized: “Our aim is to make the Volkswagen Group the leading automaker by 2018 – economically and ecologically.” Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen’s Chairman of the Board of Management, is a perfectionist who knows the value of technological excellence, but also the importance of teamwork and stamina. read more


Forever young.

At the ripe old age of 60, SEAT is younger than ever. In earlier days, the Spanish brand mobilized the country with its robust small cars. Today, SEAT is a byword for design, dynamism and urban mobility with a healthy dose of driving pleasure. Its thrilling combination of superior engineering and pure enjoyment is the natural outcome of its Spanish and German background. Today, the two SEAT generations come together in Barcelona. read more




ESSAY. Musica mobile.

As a little girl I always wanted to grow up really quickly just so I could drive a car myself. And I still love to sit behind the wheel. My first time on stage was in a song contest when I was ten years old and I drove a car for the first time during my adolescence. read more



Scania and the Swedish capital of Stockholm are both committed to sustainability. Together, they are developing the public transport of today and the future based on clean transport systems and biofuel. A bus tour through the “city of islands” shows what is possible today. The city, its people and its natural surroundings say “Tack!” – “Thanks!” read more


Lightweight bull-busters.

What do a Lamborghini supersports car, a Boeing Dreamliner and a Callaway golf club all have in common? The answer is that all three use the ultra-light yet extremely strong material carbon. The supersports car producer, the aircraft manufacturer and the US company Callaway all work together on developing this material. read more



Our brands offer mobility in every vehicle class to meet the highest expectations, all around the globe. Diversity is our great strength and an important driving force. This Annual Report features people who are in motion and who make mobility possible for others – they each represent a specific aspect of the Volkswagen Group’s diversity.





Within the space of just two years, he created three automotive icons: the original Golf and the first-generation Passat and Scirocco models. Having worked side by side with Volkswagen for almost 40 years, his company Italdesign became part of the Group in 2010. We spoke to Giorgetto Giugiaro at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. read more




True luxury.

Luxury – once a synonym for the very finest goods, materials and craftsmanship – appears to be the norm today. Many aspects of modern life, such as cramped hotel rooms, plain wristwatches or the ubiquitous shades, claim to be luxurious. What better reason to go in search of true luxury with Dirk van Braeckel, Director of Styling and Concept Design at Bentley? And what better place than London? read more


Music of the metropolis.

As a child, he scarcely imagined that he would ever get the chance to ride in a car. Now a piano virtuoso, Lang Lang shares his Chinese compatriots’ great passion for automobiles. Fully in control of the Audi R8’s powerful engine, he enjoys his drive through the booming southern Chinese metropolis that is Guangzhou. read more


Catapult into the 21st century.

The Russian automotive market is booming. And Volkswagen is enjoying healthy growth with vehicles built on a full production line in Russia. Vladislav Cheburkov, a project manager in the Quality Assurance department, gives us a tour of the Volkswagen plant in Kaluga. His job is to ensure an uncompromisingly high standard of quality. read more


Hands-free driving.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride – while the car steers, brakes and accelerates all by itself. A scenario from the distant future? Think again: Researchers at the Volkswagen Group are already working on it. read more


Momentum for the future.

Volkswagen and Porsche are working together towards an ambitious goal: an integrated automotive group. With its wealth of expertise in sports car production, Porsche is set to play a key role in the Group going forward. The brand is already redefining the future of the sports car with its Intelligent Performance concept. The aim is to increase performance while reducing consumption – on the racetrack today, and on the roads tomorrow. read more


Laughter is the best medicine.

Raúl Javales wears two hats. As Head of Strategic Planning at Volkswagen Financial Services in Brazil, he is in charge of strategy, business intelligence and project management. In his free time, though, he regularly slips into the guise of “Dr. Pennebuco Beija-Flor”, hospital clown. read more


Precision and perfection.

It is the nuances that determine whether a car attains true perfection. Jozef Kaban (38), Chief Designer of the Škoda brand, shares his quest for perfection and precision with his colleague Marek Smýkal (39), Head of Tools, Jigs and Fixtures. Both men are experts in coordinating and fine-tuning details. read more


Master of all terrain.

On the “Amarok Challenge” – a 19,220-kilometer route through 15 countries in just 12 weeks, from Patagonia at the southernmost point of the Americas to Puebla in Mexico – the latest Volkswagen pickup showed that it was more than a match for any terrain. read more




124 dreams.

Bound by tradition: With the Bugatti Veyron, Volkswagen revived the famous sports car brand and reinterpreted automotive history with a suitably visionary touch. The “new” visitor at the Cité de l’Automobile in Mulhouse, Alsace, where the world’s largest Bugatti collection can be found: 123 exclusive rarities from Ettore Bugatti’s era. read more




ESSAY. Movement is life.

Movement and mobility are as old as mankind itself. However, the demands of modern life mean that most people lead a sedentary existence. For evolutionary reasons, people should walk ten to twenty kilometers every day. read more


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